Her Childhood Bully Just Passed Away And She’s Telling The Internet Her Friend Is Mad She Doesn’t Want To Go To The Funeral

One of her good friends was upset with her for not posting something about Amanda, but then her friend asked her about the outfit she planned on wearing at Amanda’s funeral.

She told her friend she was not going to be at the funeral, and her friend was livid. Her friend went off on her about “all the good memories” though she pointed out she never had memories like that with Amanda since Amanda bullied her.

She does not think showing up at Amanda’s funeral is a good idea at all, since they were anything but friends.

She was upset with her friend for pretending to have been extremely close to Amanda, but the truth is her friend and Amanda did speak after having gone to school together.

She felt her friend was not being genuine and was using Amanda’s death for attention. Her friend feels she’s being disrespectful for not wanting to go to the funeral.

“If the roles were reversed, I would want my funeral to have nothing negative drudged into it, so that’s what I afforded Amanda,” she wrote.

Now, this friend of hers is no longer speaking to her and she’s left wondering if she is somehow in the wrong for not wanting to go to Amanda’s funeral.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“…Don’t be bullied. Tell her she’s being a bully.”


“Just ask her about which “memory” you should post on SM…then list the worst bullying incidents you can think of.”

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