Her Sister-In-Law Announced Her Pregnancy At A Funeral For 2 Children So She Snapped And Is Asking The Internet To Tell Her If She Was Wrong

Her sister-in-law continued drawing attention to herself throughout the rest of the day.

At her aunt’s house, her sister-in-law would tell anyone in the bathroom through the other side of the door that she’s pregnant and needs to use the restroom.

Her sister-in-law also forced one of her cousins to let her have her seat because she was the pregnant one who needed to rest.

“I ignored her till she came to Mary stuck out her flat belly and said “me and Issac just found out I was pregnant and honestly we are beside ourselves it could happen to us” Mary broke down,” she continued.

“I snapped like who says that to a woman who just literally lost two babies??”

“I said loudly to my SIL “no gives…you’re pregnant look around it’s not just one but two babies funerals not to mention the love of Mary’s life like I knew you were an attention seeker but…you took the test four days ago just leave.”

Her sister-in-law did end up tearfully leaving after that.

Mary and her aunt ended up thanking her for what she did because her sister-in-law’s comments were upsetting them.

Following the incident, her sister-in-law’s family and her brother have been calling her and saying terrible things to her because she “made a pregnant woman cry.”

Then, her sister-in-law and her brother targeted one of her cousins, calling them nonstop to try to get them to make her apologize.

A few days later when she arrived at her mom and dad’s house, she found her brother and sister-in-law there trying to convince her parents of their side of the story.

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