Iskra Lawrence Confronts The Comments On Her Weight Gain With A Powerful Message Of Body-Positivity

Iskra Lawrence is a British model and actress who has pretty much always been an incredible source of body-positivity, and if you’re not following her already you definitely need to.

Nothing she posts on social media is ever retouched, which is such a refreshing dose of honesty and reality that I’m sure everyone wishes was more prevalent across the internet.

In one of Iskra’s most recent Instagram posts, she chose to confront all of the negative and nasty comments regarding her weight gain, which she turned into a powerful message of accepting your own body just the way it is.

“When all we see is weight gain we negate all the life we’ve lived,” Iskra started out by saying in her moving post.

“As a society, we perpetuate an obsession with physical appearance by judging one another and commenting on weight change.”

“I’ve had hundreds of comments over the years about the size of my body – especially postpartum.”

Instagram; pictured above is a screenshot of Iskra’s moving post on body-positivity

Iskra then said that when she does look at herself in a mirror, she sees her reflection of her body and she refuses to focus on her weight.

She positively focuses on everything she has gotten out of her life and what she appreciates about herself, instead of honing in on just her looks.

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