She Was Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances Less Than 3 Blocks From Her Home And 2 Years Later Her Case Is Being Re-Investigated

New Orleans, Louisiana. 43-year-old Jessica Easterly Durning lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, in a neighborhood called Lakeview. She lived there with her husband and stepdaughter.

On August 14th, 2019, Jessica disappeared from her house sitting on General Haig Street. Two days before she vanished, she called her best friend Maria in hysterics.

Jessica was terrified, telling Maria she needed to finally leave her husband. She then asked Maria if she would be able to come to pick her up, but Maria lived two states apart from her, so it wasn’t as easy as her just hopping in the car to get her.

Jessica didn’t tell Maria all of the details on her situation; she simply told Maria that when she came to get her she would properly fill her in on everything.

So, Maria told Jessica she would drive out to get her the very next day after she took her kids to school in the morning.

Facebook; pictured above is Jessica

Then Maria stopped hearing from Jessica. Maria called her and sent her multiple text messages, but Jessica wasn’t replying to anything.

Two days after Maria had last spoken to Jessica, she got a message from her on Facebook…

…Except Jessica did not send it. Her husband did, and he was asking Maria if Jessica was with her.

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