Her Sister Photoshopped Photos Of Her 14-Year-Old Daughter At The Mall And She’s Telling The Internet It Obliterated Her Daughter’s Confidence

“I told her about how crushed Lucy was when she saw the pics,” she continued. “Valerie doubled down and told me that she was simply making Lucy look “better.” I told her that Lucy is fine just the way she is and I don’t appreciate her destroying Lucy’s confidence.”

They basically yelled through the phone at one another, and things did not calm down from there. They called each other names, and after they ended the call, Valerie blocked her on everything.

She did not fill Lucy in on what happened, but she did discuss it all with her husband, who feels she may have taken this all “too far.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Your sister apparently has no problem giving a child body image issues. Keep being a great mom and reaffirming your daughter’s beauty.”


“Thank you for being there for your daughter. So much in this world today where people are not comfortable with themselves. It’s okay to be who you are and it’s okay for your daughter to know that.”

“I would like to see how your daughter feels about herself after not interacting with your sister. I think your daughter needs some space. Especially not to be around people who are demeaning. Good luck to you and yours.”


“Valerie basically told a teenager they were not good enough as they are. That is just heartless.”


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