His Family Hired A Private Investigator To Investigate His Girlfriend And He’s Telling The Internet He Freaked Out On Them When They Told Him About It

“She didn’t affect others financially or borrow or steal from family or friends. She doesn’t make excuses but what ended up getting her to quit was moving in to help her grandfather and once she was made a cosigner on his bank account and bills she realized she needed to stop.”

“Since she stopped she served 8 years in the army, is in the national guard now and became a condo owner, and has no debt and a great credit score.”

His girlfriend has really been able to turn her life around, and he has no issue with what she did in her past because it’s in the past.

Also, she was always upfront with him about her previous addiction, so he sees no reason to be alarmed.

He also feels sympathetic towards her because she was young when she was addicted to gambling.

When he was the same age, he admits he didn’t make great choices about certain things in his life either, so he feels he can’t judge anyone for their past, let alone her for hers.

“My girlfriend isn’t mad about the background check but I am,” he said. “It was a complete invasion of her privacy.”

“My family knows things about her finances and other things I consider private. She has no criminal record, tickets or driving record, bankruptcies, or debt and she served honorably with the army and has medals.”

“There was no need to investigate her. The only problem they had is the gambling. I think they’re hypocrites to say it’s a deal-breaker when my own driving record from that time is filled with speeding tickets and I have a sibling in federal prison.”

As soon as his family sat him down for that meeting about hiring someone to investigate his girlfriend, he freaked out on them and stormed out.

He told them all off for being “creepy” and “wrong.” His brother thinks he really blew things out of proportion and his girlfriend is not even upset about what his family did, so he’s left wondering if he was simply being too protective.

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