Katie Maloney-Schwartz Gets Candid About Her Journey To Fertility And The Reason Why Her Tragic Fall Through A Skylight Ultimately Played A Part In That

“I was still trying to put my life back together. And Tom and I…the beginning of our relationship was very rocky, and so, I just think at that point I was not ready to become a mother, especially in a new relationship.”

Katie told Kate that she instantly was aware of what she had to do, and she hasn’t regretted that decision, however people to this day bring that up to her and try to see a correlation between that and the fact she has recently been struggling to get pregnant with Tom.

Instagram; pictured above Katie hugs Tom

“And even now, when we’ve tried to get pregnant, I haven’t wanted to shame myself or be like, ‘Is it because I did this ten years ago?’ I don’t think that’s the case, and I don’t want to punish myself,” Katie said.

“When you go through a traumatic event, when you look back, would you have been a present parent?” Kate asked Katie on her podcast.

“I think that’s what a lot of people are missing in this discussion…it’s not always about a financial position, it’s also about mental health as well,” Katie replied.

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