This Dad Wants The Internet To Tell Him If It’s Wrong To Let His Son Keep The Ashes Of His Twin Who Passed Away

During her second visit home, she then wondered if Castor’s urn had been placed somewhere else in their home.

Well, this dad and his wife didn’t lie about where he was; they told Jane that Pollux took him when he moved out, and it was fulfilling their promise of living with each other.

Jane absolutely lost it on her parents, screaming at them that it wasn’t their place to do that. This dad tried to say to Jane that all she needs to do is stop by Pollux’s place to see Castor, but she didn’t want to hear it.

She accused her parents of being “unfair” and she stormed out of their house. Given the fact that Jane has the type of personality that’s a bit on the explosive side, this dad wasn’t that surprised by how she acted.

He figured she would be over all this pretty quickly, but then Pollux revealed that she’s been calling him up and saying awful things to him while arguing about Castor.

“Some of my family members have suggested we just take the urn back home with us if only to restore the peace but I feel like this is also about what Castor would have wanted,” he continued.

“He wasn’t expecting to die so he obviously didn’t write a will but I’m 100% sure he would’ve wanted to stay with his brother. Even Jane agrees but “he’s too dead to care”.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Jane either needs counseling or she needs to check herself. At 24, she should know better than to throw a tantrum when she is unhappy with a decision you’ve made.”

“It sounds to me like she either has unresolved trauma from her brother’s death and/or lingering, unspoken resentment about how she was treated as a child relative to her younger brothers.”


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