This Man Says He’s The Reason His Ex-Girlfriend Is Currently In A Mental Hospital And He’s Asking The Internet If It’s Ok For Him To Still Be Furious With Her

He felt badly exiting her life entirely since she had no family members or friends left in her life because of her behavior.

After they ended things, she kept doing bad things to him, and he kept trying to be there for her.

Earlier this year, he attempted to put himself out there again, and he ended up meeting a wonderful woman through Hinge.

He really got on well with this woman instantly, and they had a lot of shared interests. He fell hard for her too, but not long into their relationship, this woman started to get tormenting text messages from someone posing as him.

Then, this woman had someone come to her home in the middle of the night and bang on her door.

She was horrified and ghosted him entirely. She blocked him in every way, shape, and form, and she even called the police on him, since she genuinely believed the texts and the late-night banging on her door were all coming from him.

He was stunned, and he was hurt that she exited his life so quickly. He was completely heartbroken, and he had no way of reaching out to her to ask what happened.

Over this past summer, two months after this all went down, his ex told him it had all been her. She was behind the texts, and the banging on his date’s door.

He was livid to find out the truth, and he made it clear he would never talk to her again.

One week after that, he got a phone call from a hospital that revealed to him she had tried to take her own life. She was then placed in a mental hospital, where she has been for 2 months.

“Ever since then I have been receiving a call from the mental hospital about once a week now,” he said.

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