Her Family Hates Her Boyfriend Because Of His Tattoos And She’s Telling The Internet She Insisted He Had To Cover Them Up If He Wanted Respect From Her Family

Her boyfriend wasn’t really excited to go through all of this, which she thought seemed to be not a great sign.

“Fast forward to the dinner. It was an absolute DISASTER,” she said. “Yes my parents and sister were a little critical but they’re like that with any guy I date.”

“My bf was so pissed that he purposely unbuttoned the top of his shirt so you could see his tatted neck.”

“Of course that offended my parents and a huge argument ensued. Not only were they telling him that he’s not good enough for me, they were telling me how disappointed they are. It was a nightmare.”

Her boyfriend then told her parents that she actually likes the tattoos that he has, and her parents promptly kicked him out of their house.

“It goes without saying that my parents have 0 respect for him now,” she continued. “It was already difficult to convince them that he’s much sweeter than he may appear.”

“My mom has been hysterical and asking why I’m having “intimate relations” with someone who looks like they belong in prison(he’s not a criminal!). I have been guilt-tripped and made to feel like complete sh*t all because he chose to wreak havoc.”

Several days after that disastrous family dinner, she and her boyfriend got into an argument about it and she insisted that he should have just covered up his tattoos if he wanted to get respect from her family.

Her boyfriend was very upset by that and accused her of wanting to change who he is to get her family’s respect.

Her boyfriend also went so far as to accuse her of being embarrassed by him.

Following that argument, she really has not said much to her boyfriend. She’s left wondering if she’s a terrible person for making it clear to her boyfriend that he had to cover up to get respect from her parents since she knew they would lose it.

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