Her Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend Accused Her Of Stealing Her Life And She’s Asking The Internet If Maybe She Shouldn’t Have Yelled At Her

“Please respect yourself more. Stand up for yourself. You should not have to just sit back and allow this kind of behavior. ”


“…You (and your husband) should have addressed this a long time ago. MIL needs to be cut off because she is as demented as the ex.”

“Having her near your child is in no one’s best interests. Particularly not your child’s. And whenever the ex does something like follow you, call the police. Every time.”

“Get a restraining order. Also, any family that thinks any of this is OK can be cut off too.”


“The ex sounds like she’s a bit off her rocker – and the family sounds toxic for keeping her around and letting her interfere in your married life.”

“Chewing her out was the right thing to do, the woman obviously needs some boundaries because you do not go to Thanksgiving at an ex’s and you do not pick up somebody else’s baby unless you know them well and know they’d be okay with it.”

“I think you are a little bit to blame for trying to be accommodating to the family and ex when its obvious firmer boundaries are needed so from now on you need to make it clear to your mil that the ex is not to come to your house, to not be invited to things where your family will be, or you will shut the door on both their faces.”

“YOU are his wife, YOU are the mother of her grandchild and she needs to accept that and stop bringing the ex in or there will be consequences – she let an unhinged woman hold your child – this is a safety matter as well.”


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