She’s Refusing To Go Home For Christmas So Her Husband Can’t Sell Her Grandma’s Cottage And She’s Asking The Internet If She’s In The Wrong

She’s refusing to come home for Christmas, since her husband cannot sell her grandma’s cottage if she’s living there, and this has made her husband livid.

The only way she will agree to come home and spend Christmas with her husband is if he decides to transfer ownership of the cottage to her name so that it can’t be sold without her permission.

Things have escalated, and her husband threatened to just level the cottage in the new year.

“If our entire relationship was just a scheme to get the cottage, I would’ve pushed him to transfer it to me when he told me he had bought it for me,” she added.

“I didn’t have any idea about his finances until after we were engaged and I never asked him to buy the cottage for me.”

“I don’t know if he would follow through on the threat or not. I hope he wouldn’t but he’s also never treated me like this before so I can’t say for sure.”

She’s left wondering if she’s somehow in the wrong here.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“It is nice to have a haven, but if you have come to rely on it over the years to the point where you have spent half of the last two years alone there, I can understand why your husband has grown to resent the cottage because he clearly has.”

“He likely feels shut out, or at the very least impotent in helping a partner who needs it.”

“That doesn’t excuse him threatening to knock it down when it clearly means a lot to you, but I can understand the feeling.”

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