Her Best Friend Surprised Her By Saying She’s Marrying Her Ex-Boyfriend, And She Laughed Because She Thought She Was Pulling A Prank On Her

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A 34-year-old woman has a best friend who is a year older than her, and several nights back, her best friend called her up.

Over the phone, her best friend said that she’s about to get married to her ex-boyfriend. Now, this is the ex that she dated when she was just a teenager.

Then, her best friend informed her that she’s also pregnant with this guy, and all she could do was laugh at her best friend.

She completely thought that her best friend was pulling a prank on her, but she wasn’t. She was serious about the marriage and the pregnancy.

Her ex is not a good guy at all. In fact, he’s had all 4 of his children from 4 different women taken away from him by the state.

The state is currently caring for all of his kids until they turn 18. On top of this, he’s been to jail numerous times, and he has even been charged with beating up his baby mamas.

She and her best friend live in a really small town, and there’s no way her best friend isn’t aware of all the bad things this guy has been involved in.

“We have actively played ‘court list bingo’ for 15 years with his name as one of the spots,” she explained. “Oh, she knew.”

She and her best friend also stalked him a couple of times on social media months ago, and at that time, he was still with the last mother of his child.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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