Her Parents Have Lost $160,000 Getting Caught Up In Numerous Scams, And Now That They’re Homeless, She’s Not Going To Give Them Money Since They Ignored Her Concerns All Along

“So basically, they were trying to scam the government and got scammed instead,” she said. “I actually tried to pry the pen away from my father’s hands when I got desperate as he was writing down his bank info and SSN, and he screamed at me I was embarrassing him and did it anyway.”

Her parents are currently homeless in light of their most recent loss. Their credit scores are abysmal, and they cannot afford to live in the worst apartments in their town.

There’s essentially zero chance of her parents being able to get back that $32,000, and so they’re living out of their car while pleading with her to give them money.

“I have about $100,000 saved waiting to buy a house, and they know about it because I stupidly told them I was saving for a house, and now they are calling me and showing up at my apartment asking for money,” she continued.

“They also want to move in in the meantime, but my roommate and I agreed visitation from friends or family are max a week to prevent resentment, and if my parents move in, they probably will refuse to move out.”

“They are going to food pantries, and honestly, I can’t find it I’m myself to be that sympathetic since they don’t listen to me until they need my money.” Do you think she should give them any of her money?

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