She Discovered That She Still Has Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Frat Sweatshirts And She’s Curious If She Should Mail Them Back To Him

andrew_shots - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old girl was dating her boyfriend for just under 3 years, and then they split up 3 months ago.

They were together while they were both still in college, and when they first began seeing each other, her now ex-boyfriend gave her two of his sweatshirts to wear.

His sweatshirts both had the letters of his fraternity across them. Since breaking up, though, her boyfriend has tried to get her to return his sweatshirts to him.

“A month ago, he tried to get in contact with me to get these sweatshirts back,” she explained. “Mind you, we are both graduated now, and he has many other sweatshirts with his frat letters on them.”

Her ex-boyfriend didn’t reach out to her directly; instead, he reached out to one of her friends to see about the sweatshirts.

She admits that she did not have a clean break-up with her boyfriend, and it was rather messy.

After splitting up, she told her ex-boyfriend that she did not want him to contact her at all, but he continued to try to get in contact with her as he was struggling to move on.

Her ex-boyfriend wants her to give him “more closure,” and he won’t accept that she wants him to stop.

While they were breaking up, she felt that she laid it all out for him as to why the relationship wasn’t good, so there was nothing left to say.

andrew_shots – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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