The Titanic’s True Love Story: How Ida And Isidor Straus Stayed Aboard The Ship And Died In Each Other’s Arms

While many people associate the Titanic’s tragic sinking with the forbidden love story of fictional characters Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt, many do not know about the true act of unconditional love shown by spouses Isidor and Ida Straus during their final hours aboard the ship.

It all began in 1871 when Ida, a German-American, met and married Isidor at just twenty-two years old.

Isidor was an accomplished twenty-six-year-old businessman who co-owned a Macy’s department store in the U.S.

Over the course of their life together, the pair welcomed seven children, celebrated their fortieth marriage anniversary, and were known to be inseparable.

Then, early in 1912, Ida and Isidor decided to winter in Europe. Come April of 1912, though, the couple decided to sail back to the United States on the Titanic with a new maid named Ellen Bird and Isidor’s servant John Farthing.

The Straus’ had usually traveled the world on German vessels, but, like much of the world, they were mesmerized by the Titanic’s groundbreaking size and luxury appeal.

So, the pair set foot on the ship and experienced a lovely voyage until tragedy struck on April 14.

That evening, the Titanic hit the fatal iceberg and began to sink. But, the ship was equipped with just sixteen boats, which could accommodate only about one thousand and two hundred people– half of the passengers and crew on board.

Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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