This Hot Dog Roll-up Recipe Is An Instant Crowd Pleaser And It’s Surprisingly So Simple To Make

As we bring more items to our dining room table, family members develop different concoctions involving certain meals that become a family favorite and are often passed down for generations to come.

Those meals we claim as our “family’s secret recipe” tend to be a strange mixture of food that no one ever thought of putting together.

Social media has become an exploding recipe book full of amazing ingredients and combinations that folks have developed over the years with their families. Nowadays, you can find a million recipes on the infamous app TikTok.

One user in particular, @thetastebud, has become quite the popular foodie on TikTok. @tastebud, also known as Vince Vasquez, has labeled himself as a home cook, how-to-eat expert, and Bay Area foodie.

While many of his videos have gone viral for their delicious recipes, one, in particular, has stuck out as an instant crowd pleaser.

This special treat in question is hot dog roll-ups! Vince decides to reminisce as we venture back into a new school year.

As a young child, his mom often made hotdogs for dinner and would never purchase hotdog buns to go with them. This forced Vince to get creative, which brings us to his brilliant invention, hotdog roll-ups.

To start off this delicious recipe, cut the crust off the edges of a slice of bread. Then take a rolling pin and roll the slice of bread nice and flat.

TikTok; pictured above are Vince’s hot dog roll-ups

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