He Believes His Girlfriend Is Acting Like A Gold Digger By Not Wanting To Pay More In Rent Than He Does

His girlfriend, though, is very against that idea. First of all, she does not think that using the extra room justifies the rent increase. But, more importantly, she pointed out how getting an apartment near the hospital was his preference for his job, which would force them to pay a higher relative rent.

On top of that, being that they are going to live so close to the hospital, his girlfriend believes that he will be saving a ton of money on gas. So, she thinks it is only fair that he contribute those extra funds towards his half of the rent.

Unsurprisingly, though, he believes that his girlfriend’s thought process is selfish– especially since she makes practically double his salary. He also noted how once he completes his residency, he is expected to make about three hundred thousand dollars a year or more– which he thinks will offset these initial rent disparities.

“But, according to my girlfriend, it is not fair for her to wait three years to ‘potentially get paid back’ because we could break up, and she would have ‘subsidized’ me,” he explained.

And honestly, he thinks that her unwillingness to pay is a red flag. In fact, he believes that unless his girlfriend puts “some skin in the game,” then she is a gold digger who is just “waiting for him to make bank without giving anything first.” Geez.

He and his girlfriend have since argued about this situation a few times, and his girlfriend just does not understand his thought process whatsoever.

So now, he has been left wondering whether or not he is crazy for wanting his girlfriend to pay more rent or if she is actually just being selfish.

Who has a more valid point here? Do you think it would be most fair to split the rent half and half since both he and his girlfriend get their own respective perks out of the apartment and location? If not, how would you handle this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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