He Told His Children’s Half-Sister That She Cannot Call Him Dad, And Now His Ex Is Upset With Him

viclin - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This man and his ex, Josie, had two children together– Diego, who is twelve, and Sasha, who is ten– before they separated. And ever since splitting up, he and Josie have shared custody of the kids.

Then, about a year later, Josie ended up getting pregnant with another child after having a one-night stand. She went on to give birth to a daughter named Eva, but unfortunately, Eva’s father did not stick around.

“He’s pretty broke, so he does not pay child support and would stop by every now and then when Eva was young,” he explained.

“But, he has not been back since Eva was four of five.”

He, on the other hand, has remained pretty good friends with Josie. So, he often invites her and all three of the children to his house for cookouts and other family gatherings.

On top of that, he has also lent Josie a hand and watched Eva a few times throughout the years. After all, Diego, Sasha, and Eva all go to the same school anyway. So, he sometimes picks up all three kids and drops them off at Josie’s house if she is busy and cannot make it to school.

Nonetheless, he has never really played a fatherly role in Eva’s life. And honestly, he does not really want to. So, just the other day, he was really caught off guard when Eva called him her dad.

It all began after he picked the kids up from school the other day and brought them back to Josie’s house. Then, Josie invited him to stay for dinner, and he accepted.

After they all had a great meal together and hung out, though, it came time for him to head home. So, Diego and Sasha hugged him and said, “Bye, dad!” Then, Eva did the same thing.

viclin – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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