Her High School Sweetheart Admitted That He Recently Had A One-Night Stand And Now She Can’t Stand To Wear The Engagement Ring He Bought For Her, So She’s Wondering What To Do With It

“Heartbroken was an understatement. While I was at home taking care of our home and animals on my own, working 10-hour days at my job, planning our engagement photos and talking to wedding vendors excited as can be, planning the big beautiful wedding of our dreams, he slept with somebody else.”

Her fiancé was honest about the details of what happened with his one-night stand, and she decided to connect with this other woman to ask her about everything.

This other woman did confirm all of the information her fiancé had shared with her and insisted she did not have any feelings for him.

Since the one-night stand, neither her fiancé nor this other woman has tried to stay in touch, and they also do not follow one another on social media.

She knows that her fiancé will never encounter this other woman at work again due to what they do, so that is a bit of a relief here for her.

She then decided to stay in a relationship with her fiancé, and she does still want to get married to him too.

“I’m not letting his stupid decision ruin the life I’ve worked so hard to build,” she said. “The trust can be built back, and believe me when I say this man has put in the necessary work. We’ve had a lot of discussions about why it happened and talked to a therapist, and we both want to rebuild the trust and the relationship before getting married.”

She then pushed their wedding date back one year, which wasn’t too hard to do, as they had not booked anything so far.

Not a single person in her life or her fiancé’s life knows about his infidelity except for the two of them, and their loved ones are thrilled about their wedding.

Although she knows so many people would push her to end her relationship, she has her reasons for why she won’t kick him to the curb, and one is that her fiancé got a different job that permits him to be at home full-time now.

“Now the issue comes with my engagement ring,” she continued. “He proposed, and then not long after, this whole thing happened. I can’t stand to look at the bloody thing. I wear it around family and friends, and that’s it; other than that, it sits in its box, on a shelf in our room.”

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