His Teen Daughter Has Terminal Cancer, And He Wants To Allow Her To Drink And Smoke Since She Won’t Make It To Adulthood

Elena Stepanova - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 42-year-old dad has a daughter who is 16, and sadly, his daughter was diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago.

His daughter has brain cancer that has advanced to the point where she is terminal, and doctors have told him that she does not have a good chance of surviving this.

“We tried anyway, but despite our best efforts, we found no improvement in the cancer,” he explained. “My daughter is aware of this.”

Pretty recently, his wife was doing through their daughter’s room trying to find a hair straightener that she had lent to their daughter, and she came across a few things that alarmed her.

There in their daughter’s room was a nearly consumed bottle of vodka and a vape pen.

He and his wife did talk to their daughter about what had been found in her room, and she admitted that she had been trying out some substances for close to a month.

“She said that since she knew she wasn’t likely going to survive past 18, she wanted to try these things socially and assured us she was being responsible with them,” he said.

“I myself am a user of these substances, as we live in a legal state. I do not vape, though I do smoke cigarettes, drink…”

“While normally I would not want my children using these, I thought I could make an exception due to the circumstances. My wife, however, disagrees.”

Elena Stepanova – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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