On A Girls’ Weekend, She Met A Guy Who She Decided To Hit On And Things Turned Into A Disaster

At one point or another, we’ve all needed a vacation away from our responsibilities. Taking a trip by ourselves or with a group of friends can help us relax and decompress from stressful work life. More often than not, these vacations happen around someone’s birthday.

One group of girls went on a weekend getaway for someone’s 30th birthday, and one of them, who goes by @supsaren on TikTok, decided to shoot their shot with a cute boy at the bar.

“Went out for a girls’ weekend to celebrate a friend’s 30th. Met a boy at a bar and flirted with him some, and he decided to join us and barhop,” she explained.

Sounds pretty normal for a bar vacation. Meeting a guy that piques your interest, and you spend more time hanging out.

They decided to go back to the guy’s place. Pretty normal for a vacation hook-up, I guess.

He warned her that they would have to be careful because there were security cameras that they would have to avoid. That seems pretty strange. Why would you have to avoid the cameras of your own home? Unless you’re hiding something, that is.

To add insult to injury, he made her crawl through a window and sneak into what she later discovered was a Sober living facility or halfway house.

“He went to fetch us water, and I heard him fall down the stairs. I had to piggyback him into his room while hiding from other residents,” she said.

TikTok; pictured above is @supsaren in her video

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