She Cancelled A $12,000 Check She Wrote For Her Friend’s IVF Treatment After Her Friend Mocked Her Own Infertility And Divorce

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This thirty-five-year-old woman is infertile but has always wanted to have children. So, when she was with her ex-husband, they tried everything they could to have a baby. Unfortunately, though, it was never able to happen for her, and her ex actually divorced her over it.

Her ex went on to meet and marry a younger woman who was able to give him children. And, from what she has heard, her ex is now expecting his second child– which is honestly heartbreaking.

“It hurts like hell seeing someone else have what I couldn’t,” she said.

“And I get frustrated with myself sometimes and with my family for blaming me for basically everything.”

So, when she is down, she turns to her friends for support– more specifically, her friend Alessia, who is also in the same “infertility boat.”

Right now, though, Alessia and her husband are currently trying in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in hopes of conceiving.

And after she attempted to help Alessia out with the process, her friend basically stabbed her in the back.

It all began last week when Alessia asked for her financial help in paying for the next IVF cycle.

Alessia needed twelve thousand dollars– which is a considerable amount of change. Despite that, though, she generously agreed.

starsstudio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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