A Guy Ghosted Her Twice Because He Got Back With His Ex-Girlfriend, But Now He’s Back Begging For Another Chance While Claiming He Loves Her

She immediately picked up her car keys and drove to the address this random man texted to her.

When she arrived at the location, there was the guy that she had been dating along with his ex-girlfriend.

She asked him what was happening, and he said that he was in love with his ex and couldn’t imagine his life without her.

He apologized and revealed that his ex was the only woman for him, which definitely left her feeling terrible.

She had no choice but to wish the new couple well, and she got back in her car. She ended up finding out that while she was with him for the second time, he was having a secret relationship with his ex. So, everything fell apart for her yet again this September.

A month later, he began reaching out to her once more. He insisted that he was in love with her and that his ex had been manipulating him to go back to her.

She ended up blocking him, but then she showed up one day outside of her office building, and he was threatening to end his life.

She was extremely concerned, so she began speaking to him again.

“I made it clear that I don’t want to get back with him because I am so traumatized and can’t trust him but he is so persistent and swears up and down that he loves me more than I could imagine and that he will harm himself if I didn’t get back with him,” she continued.

“He promises to let me but starts contacting me again from fake profiles etc. and guilts me into talking to him. I feel so trapped. Am I being too harsh? His parents told me they have never seen him so shattered and that he is being genuine. My parents and friends don’t want to see his face.”

“How do I stop feeling this guilt? Every time he cries, I find it my responsibility to make him feel better. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I already know I don’t want him back.”

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