Ariana Grande Found To Have The Most Influential Style Worldwide, Beating Out Three Kardashian-Jenner Sisters, Princess Diana, Gigi Hadid, And More

Coming in second to Ariana was supermodel Kendall Jenner, who first entered the public lens while starring alongside her siblings on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In recent years, though, Kendall has moved away from being such an on-screen presence and has dedicated herself to walking in ultra-high fashion shows.

Kendall now garners just over fifty-seven thousand Google searches each month related to her outfits, with “Kendall Jenner style” being the most popular phrase.

The model stands at five foot ten and is most well-known for her long legs.

So, if you ever see Kendall strutting down the street, she most often wears straight-leg jeans that accentuate her height.

Then, these statement pants are coupled with everything from crop stops to oversized outerwear and cozy sweaters.

Finally, at just twenty years old, Billie Eilish placed third among the world’s most stylish celebs. The alt-pop star first caught the public’s attention with her song “Ocean Eyes” back in 2015.

And ever since then, Billie’s eclectic style– which is undoubtedly much different than Ariana Grande’s and Kendall Jenner’s– has fascinated people around the globe.

Over fifty-two thousand Google searches each month are related to Billie’s style, which draws inspiration from streetwear and anime.

She is most well-known for rocking oversized and baggy fits, as well as sporting designer brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

Following these style icons came Kate Middleton, with nearly forty-two thousand Google searches each month, as well as Kim Kardashian– who receives nearly thirty-four thousand style searches monthly.

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