As Soon As She Got To The Airport And Found Out That Her Fiancé Put The Two Of Them And His Kids In First Class, Yet Her Kids In Economy, She Refused To Get On The Plane

luengo_ua - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman is currently engaged to her fiancé, and he has 3 kids from his previous marriage, while she has 2 kids from her previous marriage.

Recently, she quit the job that she had so that she could go all-in on working towards getting her degree, and so her fiancé has become the one who makes the money to support all of them.

Despite this arrangement, she does still financially contribute to their relationship as she has money that she saved up.

She also contributes to their relationship by doing most of the childcare for his children as well as their household chores.

“Long story short, He wanted me and my kids to attend thanksgiving with his family, who are located across the country, and we were supposed to go yesterday (ahead of time to get a rental place),” she explained.

“He booked our tickets and everything, but later, before the flight, I found out that he, his kids, and myself were put in 1st class whilst my 2 kids (14) & (10) were put in economy. I was stunned; he acted like it was no big deal and told us it’s just a few hours and the kids could “just hang in there for a little while.”

“I asked how he could think this was acceptable, and he got mad and said he’s the one paying for tickets, then we go by his rules.”

Well, she grabbed her kids and walked right out of the airport because she was not getting on that plane.

Her fiancé began running after her and yelling that she needed to come back and get on their flight, but she said no way.

luengo_ua – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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