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He No Longer Wants To Pay For His Stepdaughter To Go To College And Become A Doctor Because Her Grades Aren’t Good And He Thinks He’s Just Wasting His Money

He decided to sit down with his wife to address Sarah’s grades, and his wife maintained that when Sarah does apply to medical school, she has a good shot of getting in since medical schools don’t just care about grades; she says they will care about other things that Sarah is good at.

Sarah clearly cares about others, and she volunteers a lot, so his wife believes this will set her apart and her grades won’t matter as much.

He argued back that grades really do matter, and Sarah is just not cutting it. After getting nowhere with his wife, though, he thought it could be good to speak to Sarah.

Sarah recently came back home for Thanksgiving, and he suggested that she start looking at different majors as it seems she might not be able to make it as a doctor.

“She ran to her mom, and we all got into a huge argument,” he continued. “I admit I lost my temper and yelled I’m not wasting any more money on something she’ll fail at. I told them both I’m not paying for next semester’s classes unless she changes her major to something more realistic.”

“I feel bad, I really do, but I’m not rich, and I don’t have money to waste if she doesn’t have a chance to get into medical school.”

Do you think it’s mean of him not to want to pay for Sarah to go to college since it seems she has a slim chance of ever becoming a doctor?

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