Her Boyfriend Didn’t Tell Her That His Ex-Wife Is His Coworker Until They Were On The Way To A Company Dinner Where She Came Face To Face With Her

“Then, on Friday, he told me that they’d hired his ex-wife, and she was going to be at the dinner we were attending,” she said.

“He told me this ON THE DRIVE THERE. I was like, what the hell? but we got there, so I had to keep quiet.”

“She was nice enough, but I didn’t talk to her l a lot. When we went home, I was really in a bad mood. BF had spent the whole night staring at her. Not to mention alcohol was everywhere, and so he was super keyed up.”

During the car ride home that night, they got into a blowout shouting match with one another, and while they were screaming, she revealed to him that she was angry he never told her that his ex-wife is now his coworker.

Her boyfriend accused her of blowing everything out of proportion before calling her a mean name. For the rest of the weekend, her boyfriend slept on their couch.

She doesn’t want to sound like a completely jealous girlfriend, but she can’t help how she feels about all of this.

“My sister told me I was right to be upset, but he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, and how would I feel?” she continued. “I’d be upset, yeah, but I’d tell him. IDK. What do I do?”

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