Her Brother’s Wife Kissed Her One Night And She’s Not Sure What To Even Do After What Happened

Andrey Kiselev - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A 24-year-old girl has an older brother named Nick, who is 32. Growing up, they were always more like friends than brother and sister.

They really began getting close when she was 16 and Nick had moved out of their family’s house. She and Nick are so close now that they will grab dinner together or watch football, and they also play tennis every week.

6 years ago, Nick met his wife Sasha while in grad school, and they got married 3 years ago. When Nick originally met Sasha, she was in another country, so she was not there in the beginning.

Since she did move home, though, she has become close to Sasha too. While Sasha has never really flirted with her, Sasha has made remarks over the years that have left her feeling pretty confused.

“For example, when she would compliment my hair, she’d do it by touching/playing with it,” she explained.

“When she’d compliment my clothes, she’d do it touching the fabric. When she’d compliment my body, she’d touch my waist or feel my stomach/arms/legs. One time two of them happened at the same time; she was complimenting my body in a bikini, and she just touched my half-naked body.”

“She also wanted me to work out with her, so I show her what I do, and I asked if she’d like to learn tennis. She said no, she just wants my gym workout routine, but now that I mentioned tennis, “let’s do gym workouts in tennis skirts.” I don’t wear tennis skirts while lifting weights, but I agreed to work out with her from time to time.”

She admits that some people are just more touchy-feely than others, so she always figured that was Sasha’s deal.

It never occurred to her that there might be more to Sasha’s behavior, and Sasha truly never did anything to make her feel wildly uncomfortable.

Andrey Kiselev – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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