Her Fiancé Called Off Their Wedding And Will Not Tell Her Why, But He Still Wants To Stay In A Relationship, So She Has Been Left Beyond Confused

Alinnan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This fifty-year-old woman from Germany has been with her boyfriend, who is forty-six, for twelve years now.

He had been in a previous marriage but got divorced back in 2014 before they met. And she has never tied the knot before but always envisioned herself ending up married when the right guy came along.

So, after they entered a relationship and it became more serious, they discussed the topic a lot. Her boyfriend was reportedly always kind of “hot and cold” about the whole possibility.

But, she claims that she was clear from the very beginning about her future intentions.

“I believe in marriage, and it is something I will only do once and only with the right person,” she recalled telling him.

And come April of this year, she decided to finally take charge and offer herself and her boyfriend a shot at the long haul once and for all.

She figured that a woman proposing to a man could be just as romantic and popped the terrifying question. Then, to her joy, her boyfriend said yes.

So, she immediately began all of the planning– which, in Germany, entails a lot of paperwork and documents.

Plus, once the administrative aspects were squared away, she and her then-fiancé began planning the actual wedding together.

Alinnan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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