Her Fiancé Keeps Playing Mind Games On Her Children In Hopes Of “Disciplining” Them, So She Said Her Fiancé Was Delusional

Andrey Kiselev - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This thirty-six-year-old woman and her fiancé, who is forty, have been in a relationship for about two years now. They also live together with her three children from her former marriage– who are seven, eleven, and fourteen years old.

Anyway, she claims that her fiancé loves her children and treats them as if they are his own kids. At the same time, though, he also constantly complains about certain behaviors and claims that the kids lack discipline.

“I never understood what he meant, but mind you, he’s a teacher. So, he can take this whole discipline thing a bit far,” she revealed.

And more recently, she noticed that her fiancé has been performing some “tests” on her children to gauge their honesty and respect.

One example of this was when her fiancé left his journal out to see if any of the children would snoop and read it. Another time, he left money floating around the house to see if any of the kids would steal it.

Over the weekend, though, her fiancé decided to kick his “tests” up a notch and sent the kids on a wild goose chase for no reason– which totally pissed her off.

It all began when her fiancé announced that he had lost a dollar from his pocket. Then, he offered up ten dollars to whatever kid could find the dollar first.

So, of course, the kids all began searching the house from top to bottom for about an hour. And her seven and eleven-year-old children never found the dollar.

But, her fourteen-year-old claimed to have discovered one and went to announce the finding to her fiancé.

Andrey Kiselev – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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