Her Sister Asked To Borrow Her Custom Wedding Dress That Their Mom Made, But After She Said No, Her Sister Started Crying

Denys - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 32-year-old woman had her wedding 7 years back, and the wedding dress she wore was a custom dress that her mom had handmade for her.

Her mom also ended up making a custom wedding dress for her older sister when her older sister had a wedding 9 years back.

Very sadly, her mom ended up passing away 3 years ago due to cancer, so her youngest sister won’t get the opportunity to have their mom make her a wedding dress.

Her younger sister Jess is 27 and getting married in just one year. Not too long ago, she and Jess grabbed coffee together, and then Jess mentioned to her that her dream was to wear a wedding dress that their mom had made.

When their mom was still alive, Jess was not engaged, so she never asked their mom to make her a wedding dress because it didn’t really make sense.

She and Jess chatted a bit more about this sensitive subject before Jess asked her if she would be able to walk down the aisle in her wedding dress.

She was upset by Jess’s request, so she suggested that Jess ask their other sister if she could wear that dress instead.

Jess replied that she wasn’t interested in their sister’s wedding dress as it was pastel pink and not white. Additionally, her body type and Jess’s body type are the most similar.

She still told Jess that she didn’t want to lend her wedding dress to her, as although they do have similar body types, Jess still would need to alter her wedding dress, and she wants the dress to remain unchanged.

Denys – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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