His Parents Do Not Want To Participate In His Wedding Because They Don’t Like Interacting With Other People, So He Disinvited Them Altogether, And Now His Family Thinks He’s Overreacting

These family members even showed up for his medical school graduation and his residency graduation. They also organized a festival in his neighborhood, which about four hundred people attended, to celebrate.

“If it were not for them, I would not have had a normal childhood,” he reflected.

Anyway, he has now been engaged for six months after dating his fiancé for nine years. And according to him, his parents did try to have a relationship with his fiancé at first. But, after a while, his parents claimed it was “too much for them” and simply said that as long as he was happy, they were happy.

Despite all of this, though, he still loves his parents dearly and wants them to stand alongside him as his parents during the wedding.

So, he asked if they would participate in the event planning and hoped that, for once, his parents would come around.

To his disappointment, though, his parents actually said no. They also declined to deliver a wedding speech or even just sit in the front row during the ceremony since they “don’t like to be the attention.”

And to be honest with you, he was shell-shocked regardless of his parents’ track record. He still thought that perhaps on his wedding day– arguably the most important day of his life– they would come through for him. So, when they refused, he exploded.

He told his parents that they were never a part of any of his significant life moments, never participated in any of his life events, and did not even try to get to know his fiancé.

“Then, I said, ‘Just stay at your heaven and don’t bother me anymore. Goodnight.'” he vented. For context, his parents apparently call their home “their heaven.”

Still, after telling his parents off in private, he was also forced to deal with a lot of family backlash– because two days later, he sent his guest list, which excluded his parents’ names, to his wedding organizer.

And his wedding organizer just so happened to be his cousin’s boyfriend, who, after seeing that his parents were not invited, decided to tell his cousin. Then, his cousin told all of his family and in-laws that his own parents were not welcome at the wedding.

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