She Accidentally Peed Her Pants On A Date, And She’s Hoping You Have A Worst First Date Story To Share

Nothing gets worse than this. The first date that TikToker Noelle, @noellereyna, went on would be anyone’s nightmare. It’s an impossible situation with no way to be resolved well.

Like many, she met a guy and decided to go out with him on a date on the same day that they met. All seemed to go well at first, and prospects were high.

“I was with this guy that I had met maybe an hour before,” she said. “He planned this evening of going out for a drink, walking on the beach, and then going to dinner at a very nice restaurant nearby.”

When she says that it was a “nice restaurant,” it was a really nice and really fancy restaurant. So much so that the restaurant policy didn’t allow for cancellations and required you to show up for your reservation; otherwise, you’d lose your $100 deposit, Noelle explained.

However, it all starts to crumble the minute they go out to grab a drink. Noelle explains that the Dark and Stormy that she orders are not a normal size drink.

It is a massive glass–something that is crucial to the crux of the story at a later point in their date.

“Lots of liquid; I’m a five feet tall person,” she said. “I drank two of those.”

While going for a walk on the beach to a lighthouse, she realizes something is wrong and that she needs to fix the situation quickly.

TikTok; pictured above is Noelle in her video

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