She Met A Guy On A Dating App Who Took Her On A Romantic Weekend To Paris, But He Has Since Gone Back To The U.S., And She Really Wants Things To Work Out

Masson - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman is from the U.S. and spent her childhood growing up in the states. But just recently, she moved to London and decided to dip her toe into the brand-new dating pool.

So, she downloaded a dating app, and as if it was fate, she matched with a guy from the United States who was just visiting London. Plus, he was even looking for a girl to explore the city with.

Anyway, after matching with him, she was super excited about their first date. And to be honest, it could not have gone any better.

The pair of lovebirds immediately just clicked– according to her– and they got along amazingly. The date went so well, in fact, that they even planned a second date for the very next weekend.

Plus, they did not plan to go out to any old restaurant. No, they actually made plans to go to Paris– the city of love. Can you imagine a dating app match starting off this well?

“I know, it sounds like another episode of Criminal Minds,” she joked, “But hey, I am still alive.”

Still, she did not trust the guy too much from the start and figured that he might have just been bluffing about planning a romantic getaway in Paris. To her complete joy, though, she apparently seriously underestimated the guy’s follow-through.

In fact, he actually booked them a nice hotel room, nailed down restaurant reservations, and even created an itinerary list of activities they could do together after arriving in the city. How romantic!

Anyway, if you could not have guessed, the pair had an absolute blast in Paris. They both had never been there before, either, so it was great to explore and experience the culture together.

Masson – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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