This Teen Blew Up On His Parents Because, In The 5 Years Since His Sister Was In A Tragic Accident, They Have Never Bothered To Learn Sign Language To Communicate With Her

And honestly, he was totally shocked to hear this coming from both of his aunts. Apparently, his aunts have such a bad relationship that his family cannot even have gatherings with both of them present.

So, it was seriously surprising that they both agreed he was awful for expecting his parents to learn sign language following Natalie’s accident.

And now, because of that, he has been left wondering if expecting his parents to learn sign language was actually unreasonable or if his parents are really just jerks like he thought.

Do you think his parents’ excuses for not learning sign language are valid or not? Does he have a right to be upset by his parent’s lack of effort? If you had been in his shoes, would you have said the same thing? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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