His Girlfriend Was Rude To Him At His Best Friend’s Wedding, So Now He’s Thinking Of Dumping Her

His girlfriend essentially reprimanded him for not doing better research, and off they went to a different place to grab breakfast.

After they finished eating and were walking around, he noticed that his stomach was really not alright, and he ran to the nearest restroom.

I spent a half hour in the bathroom, and his girlfriend just kept on texting him as if the whole thing was hilarious, which it obviously was not for him.

He finished up and met back up with his girlfriend, and they headed off to their hotel. On the way there, his girlfriend treated him like she was just ruining what was supposed to be her fun trip, and she was not being nice to him.

Later on, they made their way to the rehearsal dinner, and this was the very first time that his girlfriend got to meet all of his friends, as they all live in separate states.

His girlfriend was not comfortable at all, and he did his best to pay her compliments in front of all of his friends.

He also helped her out by making small talk with his friends in an effort to make her feel better, and eventually, she wasn’t so uneasy.

Throughout the dinner, as his girlfriend got more relaxed around his friends, she began making fun of the stomach problems he had earlier, and she did this in front of everyone.

It really hurt his feelings that while he was trying to make her look good to his friends, she was just making him look bad.

“The morning of the wedding, I think I had food poisoning from the night before,” he said. “I violently threw up for half an hour. She sat on the bed and didn’t check on me once. I asked if she could grab me a hand towel, and she came in and took Snapchat videos of me for her friends.”

At this point, I had less than an hour to get dressed and ready for bridal party pictures. I kept reiterating how stressed I was and was definitely weak and pale.”

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