She Had An Enormous Crush On A Football Player In High School, But She Was Too Shy So He Went For Another Girl That He’s Still With To This Day And Every Time She Sees Pictures Of Them She Wonders If That Could Have Been Her Perfect Life

eevl - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 26-year-old girl says that throughout her life, she has never once ended up having a boyfriend.

She is anxious in social settings and considers her personality to be boring and mild, so she’s convinced that’s part of her problem.

When she was back in high school, she had an enormous crush on one of the football players, who was super tall and good-looking.

This guy was interested in her; he chatted with her and smiled at her all the time, but she was so shy that she could only respond back with one-word answers.

She also was so self-conscious and felt that she wasn’t gorgeous enough to flirt back with him, so she ended up handling things in such a way that this guy got the impression that she was not interested.

“Ironically, there was this really pretty popular girl I was jealous of who had an absolutely naturally wild, confident “life of the personality” and was even friends with a lot of our teachers (whereas I could barely ask a teacher a question without getting nervous) and she ended up winning over and impressing the guy,” she explained.

“The guy took her to prom (this was 10 years) ago, and literally EVERY single year for the past 10 years, he’s wished her happy birthday on Facebook and told her she’s the most amazing girl in the world.”

“They are still together, and there are gorgeous photos of them at amusement parks, zoos, vacations, vacationing in a beautiful home in Vermont, partying, at nice restaurants, wearing matching Halloween costumes, and I’m really depressed because I never had that.”

This popular girl from high school is also 26, and she looks ageless and as she did back in high school.

eevl – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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