She Went On A Coffee Date With A Guy That She Can Only Classify As Bonkers

When they finally decided to just call the date off early, since so much has gone on, he decides to walk with her back to her car but bails halfway through.

“My car is a block and a half away. We walk half a block,” she said. “He goes, ‘Oh, you’re farther than this? Ok, I’ll see you later!'”

In hindsight, she’s laughing at it now, but it wasn’t necessarily funny in the moment. She tried to hug him goodbye, to which he returned with a wimpy side hug, she said.

Although the entire date wasn’t a success, she did walk away with two invaluable pieces of information about herself:

“Now, another thing I need to ask for on the list of needs is, knows how to read a parking sign and knows how to pay for parking,” she said. “Those are two must-haves on the dating wheel of fortune.”

Watch her two videos here and here.

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