This New Year’s Eve Drink Is Super Bubbly And Non-Alcoholic, Which Makes It Perfect For Kids

TikTok - @amelias_living

Can you believe that New Year’s Eve is almost here already? Another year has come and gone. That means it is now time again to celebrate new beginnings.

Once you’ve figured out what’s on the menu for the party appetizers, turn your attention to the drinks.

Of course, it’s tradition to ring in the new year by making a toast or two with champagne.

However, not everyone can consume alcohol.

So if you’re looking for a kid-friendly beverage or have firmly resolved to swear off alcohol, you and those who are underage can still partake in the New Year’s Eve fun with this bubbly and colorful non-alcoholic drink.

Amelia (@amelias_living) on TikTok has a recipe for a festive-looking mocktail that you should try out.

It’s full of bubbles, and it fits all the criteria of what a New Year’s Eve drink should entail: it’s easy to make, it’s pleasing to the eye, and it’ll make you want to dance!

First, stick the rim of your glass in some melted white chocolate and then into a pile of gold sprinkles.

From there, place three to four small scoops of sherbet into the glass.

Next, fill it up halfway with some ginger ale and the other half with Sprite. This will create a cool bubbling effect that’ll have your kids in a trance.

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