This Recipe For New Year’s Eve Champagne Jell-o Shots Is Honestly Pretty Elevated In Comparison To Whatever You Had Back In College

TikTok - @mermaidcorla

Jell-o shots are very popular at parties. You probably recall them from your college years. However, these champagne Jell-o shots are an elevated adult version of the ones from your more youthful days.

Champagne Jell-o shots are a festive way to celebrate special events, particularly New Year’s Eve.

Nothing screams New Year’s more than champagne.

So whether you’re getting all glammed up for a party or staying in on the couch dressed in comfy pj’s, these Jell-o shots are an excellent way to make the most out of the last minutes of 2022.

You can even make them ahead of time so that it won’t affect your busy schedule.

Corla Ingram (@mermaidcorla) from Fort Lauderdale is sharing her recipe for champagne Jell-o shots on TikTok, much to our appreciation.

However, this one’s definitely not for the kids. Adults only, here! So if you’re gunning for a grown-up party, continue reading on for the recipe.

Grab a bottle of champagne and pop it open. It doesn’t have to be anything too high-end since you’ll be mixing the champagne with vodka.

Add one cup of champagne, one-third cup of sugar, one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice, and three packets of unflavored Jell-o to a pot.

Stir on low heat until the ingredients are combined.

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