This Teen’s Cousin Tried To Pressure Her At His Wedding Into Gifting Her Taylor Swift Tickets To His New Wife, And He Did It In Front Of All Of His Guests

She replied back to her loved ones that she had not agreed to give her tickets to Jane at all and that she was going to keep her tickets and go to the concert with her friends just as she wanted to.

She said this so many times, and eventually, John and Jane found out that she was going around telling everyone that she wasn’t interested in gifting her tickets to Jane at all.

Jane began crying uncontrollably and accusing her of being selfish. Jane kept lacing into her, saying that she owed them her tickets, as she never got them a present for their wedding.

“I stood my ground and said that I did not owe her anything,” she said. “John then said that I’ve already seen one of Taylor’s concerts before and that Jane hasn’t, so it’s only fair that I give her my ticket.”

“I said that I understand that it was really frustrating to wait in that queue only to not get tickets, but it wasn’t my job to make sure that Jane did and that if they were patient, the scalper prices might go down by the show and she might be able to snag tickets then.”

“John screamed at me to leave and said that I ruined his wedding. Some of my family has been messaging me, saying I’m…selfish…for ruining Jane’s wedding and that I should’ve waited until after the wedding to tell her that I wasn’t giving her my ticket.”

Her parents are on her side, though, and do not believe that she should just fork over her tickets to Jane.

She is really upset that the Taylor Swift tickets are causing such a divide in her family, and she feels like maybe she should have just given Jane her tickets to avoid so much drama.

Do you think she should have given her tickets to Jane?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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