She Had A Strange Encounter With A Man While Biking Down The Oregon Coast

At first, he seemed very friendly and charismatic, telling her that he lived in the area but had never stopped to learn about the campground.

She remembers acting naive, thinking that he would be just like another one of the friendly strangers she met on her trip.

But then, he started crossing some personal boundaries. 

There were multiple moments during their encounter when the man would shake her hand as if he was about to leave, but then he would carry on the conversation.

While he shook her hand, he would take his opposite hand and tightly grab her forearm. To make things even creepier, he would let out a strange laugh every time he touched her. 

He did this multiple times, changing the subject after every uncomfortable handshake. 

“I realize that I’m completely out of sight from anyone in the campground, have no phone service, and I’m now very close to him and his open car door,” she recalls. “There‘s a knot in my stomach, I’m on the verge of tears, and my voice is shaking with every response.”

Finally, she felt brave enough to announce that she would leave very loudly in hopes that someone nearby could hear her.

Then, she got on her bike and sped to the campground as quickly as possible. She didn’t even bother exploring the areas near the campground and immediately set up a tent next to the camp host for safety. 

“I had a lot of encounters with random strangers at this point, but none of them terrified me like this one did,” she explains.

“Even if he was harmless, his actions were a good reminder that I had to be mindful of my vulnerable situation and be more alert.”

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