This Emerging Facial Treatment Uses 24K Gold Micromagnets To Help Repair And Sculpt Skin

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We have all heard of peeling masks, sheet masks, charcoal masks, and clay masks. But, if you thought there could not be any more facial-based skincare options out there, think again.

One emerging facial treatment actually uses 24-karat gold magnets in order to sculpt and repair skin.

Known as a Synergistic Signature Qi Facial, the treatment was developed by Qi Beauty– an Australian skincare brand that focuses on acupuncture philosophy and quantum technology. The facial is currently only offered by a few U.S. estheticians.

In fact, Madalaina Conti– who owns a studio in Manhattan– is the only esthetician in New York State doing so.

During the facial, numerous 24-karat gold-plated micromagnets are placed in a specific arrangement based on your specific skin concerns.

These micromagnets are supposed to excite cellular activity, and this process may help boost hydration and encourage healthier cell turnover, and increase the absorption of serums and moisturizers applied during the treatment.

Conti specifically customizes each facial depending on her client’s needs and provides additional sculpting, drainage massages, and Gua Sha treatments.

She believes this is a more holistic approach than other treatments on the market, which she claims “require creating controlled damage to the skin” and are not beneficial in the long term.

“Twenty-four-karat gold-plated micromagnets are applied to the skin to create a custom electromagnetic matrix. We are generating the energy or ‘qi’ required for biological recovery,” Conti explained.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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