Every Time She Babysits For Her Niece, She Ends Up Breaking Something Her Daughter Owns, So She Banned Her Niece From Her House Until She Can Act Nicer

She really believes this is not cool for her sister to do. By the way, when she does go to Pat’s house, Kay acts totally differently, too.

Kay has manners. Kay is completely in line. Kay is like the polar opposite of how she acts when she is at her house.

“I gentle parent, so IDK if Kay thinks she can get away with whatever ’cause she knows I won’t yell or spank, but it’s been frustrating me so much,” she said.

“I’ve tried talking to her or asking how she would feel if someone messed up her stuff, but she puts on puppy eyes, says sorry, and is right back at it shortly after.”

“I’m not struggling, but I’m not rich either, and I do what I can to give my daughter what she has. After the last time (Kay broke a toy shelf my friend made for my baby), I told Pat she was no longer welcome in my house until she can behave better.”

Her entire family is upset with her for banning Kay from her home, but she’s not budging on this. She knows Kay knows how to behave better, and she won’t let her into her house until she does.

Regardless, she’s wondering if it’s mean of her to ban Kay until she can act nicer. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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