Her Dad Got Married To His Mistress Without Her Even Knowing, But Now That She’s Spent Time Around This Other Woman, She Honestly Loves Her

But anyway, when it came time for her to meet her dad’s newest wife, she was well aware of the affair, and so she did her best to be distant.

Instead of being able to keep this woman at arm’s length as she planned, she ended up adoring her.

“She is the opposite of my mom; she praises me so much and has always been beyond thrilled to introduce me as her daughter; she encourages me to do the things I want and always rationalizes with my dad when he’s being accidentally critical of me rather than egging it on like my mom did in the past,” she explained.

“She’s willing to do things I want to do and not just what she wants, and she has always made me feel like my voice matters. A lot of times, I feel extremely guilty, especially because my mom doesn’t even know they’re married, but my inner child is absolutely thrilled to have a maternal figure like the mom I dreamed of and longed for my whole life.”

“I can’t help but love her and consider her my third parent, and as bad as I feel, I am extremely thankful for her.”

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

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