Her Mother-In-Law Wants To Come To Her House And Clean It Like Crazy Before Her Baby Is Born As A Present, But She Really Doesn’t Want To Let That Happen Because She’s Afraid Of The Nasty Comments Her Mother-In-Law Is Sure To Make

“…I kept getting snarky texts from her saying things like “when was the last time you took a sponge to the radiators” or “when was the last time you moved the couch to vacuum,” she said.

“Look, my house wasn’t dirty or unhygienic. But moving a couch while I was pregnant or managing a newborn wasn’t going to happen. I kept the house clean, but the little deep cleaning things were let go from about the time I was 8.5 months pregnant.”

Well, now she is pregnant again, and she’s almost 7 months into her pregnancy. Her daughter is now a toddler, who she is caring for by herself, and she also has to stay on top of cooking and cleaning.

Her stepdaughter has moved out, so that’s a plus, and her husband does his best to handle grocery shopping and garbage, so that’s also a big help to her.

But, a couple of days ago, her husband brought up to her that his mom wants to clean their house like crazy before she has the baby as a present.

“Honestly, the thought makes me so anxious and uncomfortable,” she continued. “I just imagine her never-ending snarky comments, and it really doesn’t seem worth it to me.”

“I keep the house clean, and while it would be great to have a good, deep cleaning done before we bring home another baby, I just feel like it would stress me out. But my husband says his mom really wants to do this as her “gift” to us.”

She’s left wondering if it would be mean of her to tell her mother-in-law no. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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