She Agreed To Pay For Her Daughter’s College Education But Couldn’t Afford Her Chosen School’s Tuition Anymore, So Her Daughter Stopped Taking Classes, And Now She Wants To Cut Off All Other Financial Support

For context, she had co-signed her daughter’s lease back in August 2022 because she believed her daughter was going back to school. And obviously, housing would have been needed.

Since her daughter has not yet returned to school, though, she doesn’t think it is fair for her to have to pay for housing anymore.

She claims that her daughter already works full-time– 40 hours a week– at “some random job in the city.” Her daughter also pays for her own utilities.

“But, for some reason, she still doesn’t have enough money to pay her rent– which is $1,250 a month,” she said.

To be clear, her daughter did offer to help pay for a portion of the rent. However, she believes her daughter should be in school and “not wasting her time.”

She has also begun questioning why she needs to pay for her daughter’s housing if her daughter is not in school. After all, she claimed that it was her daughter’s decision to move out and live in a “random city” to go to school.

So, if her daughter does not go to school, then she refuses to support her daughter’s living expenses.

Instead, she believes that if her daughter wants to live away from home, then her daughter can learn how to pay for herself.

Now, it is important to note that she is not exactly strapped for cash as a parent. Rather, she actually admitted to being a small business owner whose company is worth nearly $2 million.

Still, even though she can afford to pay for her daughter, she does not want to. Rather, she claimed that she has two other children and another baby on the way, who she needs to worry about.

She also revealed how she actually never went to college and reportedly received no help from her parents while growing up.

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