Her Neighbors Stole Her Dog And Then Tried To Claim That The Pup Was Theirs, So She Stole Her Dog Back From Their Yard And Got Accused Of Being Despicable

Eventually, though, the neighbors caught on and realized that the dog was missing. Afterward, they showed up at her house and started pounding on her front door.

She opted not to answer it since she was nervous that the husband would forcibly grab her pup away from her. So, after about 10 or 15 minutes of her neighbors knocking on the door, she called the police and got the authorities involved. Now, when the police officers showed up, she explained how that was her dog.

“And since they took the dog tags off of him, I couldn’t easily prove it,” she added.

But, she did have all of her dog’s paperwork– which she provided to the police. She also pointed out how her neighbors had no paperwork, meaning that they couldn’t legally prove the dog belonged to them. After that, the authorities wound up kicking her neighbors off of her property, and she safely had her dog back.

But, the drama was still far from over. Apparently, after she filled her mom in on what happened, her mom actually accused her of being “despicable” and claimed she should give the dog back to her neighbors!

Plus, a few of her other family members have since agreed that she was in the wrong, too.

So now, she has been left wondering whether “stealing” her dog back after her neighbor tried to keep him was actually the wrong thing to do.

If you realized your neighbor took your dog, would you “steal” your pet back, too? Why do you think her mom believes she acted despicably? Was she in the right or not?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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