She Just Realized That Her Pregnant Best Friend’s Fiancé Has Been Cheating For Years With One Of Their Other Best Friends

Syda Productions - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman is best friends with 2 women; 26-year-old Vivian and 28-year-old Maya. They have all been close for 16 years now, and they all grew up attending the same school and having sleepovers with one another.

Even after they grew up and she moved to a new country while Maya moved to a new city, they all remained inseparable despite the distance.

But, back when Vivian was 16, she and Maya found out that Vivian was cheating on her boyfriend with a 21-year-old man named George, and she was hardly surprised.

Vivian was never the kind of person who committed to a relationship, so Vivian stepping out on her boyfriend wasn’t shocking to her.

What was shocking to her is that Vivian continued to date her boyfriend for 3 years while also seeing George.

“Neither of us has met George, and we tried talking to her and reminding her that she was only 16 at the time while he was 21 and she might get in trouble, but she wouldn’t listen,” she explained.

“About 4 years ago, Maya got into a serious relationship with a man named George, too. As it is quite a common name and they met in a different city, we just thought it is a coincidence. When I was last over, I saw how happy Maya was with him, and how caring he was, and how much in love they were, so I was happy for her. Currently, Maya is pregnant with their first child.”

“About a year ago, Vivian also told us she is in a serious relationship and has recently been asked if she will marry the guy. She said yes. She hasn’t mentioned her George in a few years, so we thought this man is out of her life, even though she would call them soul mates and that they belonged together.”

Recently, she was on Instagram when a story that Vivian posted caught her eye. In the video, Vivian was seriously locking lips with George, as in Maya’s fiancé George.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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